Japan 2014: Hiroshima and Miyajima

When trying to decide what to write about for my next blog post, I sort-of forced myself into talking about my experience of visiting the Hiroshima region. Today marks the annual anniversary of the atomic bombing of the city, but my feelings on that are difficult to sum up. Hiroshima is, for many people, a name from the news headlines; long before Sendai crept into the our consciousness as a name that continues to spark the nuclear debate, this otherwise ordinary industrial city has the unfortunate status of being the world’s first battlefield of a nuclear war.

I don’t want to go  into the politics and morality of what happened in August 1945; the complex ethical and historical arguments could spawn a whole series of posts on their own, and ought to be written by people better-informed than I am. What struck me more than anything when walking through the clean, friendly and sunny Hiroshima of 2014, which includes the iconic memorials such as the Eternal Flame and the A-Bomb Dome, was how it’s pretty much a normal Japanese city. That’s it.