Japan trip 2014: Nagoya

When on holiday abroad it’s easy to be drawn to capital cities: the lights, the vibrancy, the higher probability that foreign language-speaking tourists will be better catered for…especially when the city in question is the high-tech cultural hub of Tokyo. Although it’s nigh-on impossible for the place to ever make me feel bored, I was conscious of the fact that, when you’re trying to get a feel for a country’s culture in a broader sense, you can’t judge a whole nation on your experiences of its capital city (e.g., London is NOT representative of the UK either!).

Partly worn down through sensory overload by the bustle, expense and relative familiarity of Tokyo – this was my third visit in five years – and partly motivated to see something a bit different, the consensus of the group I was travelling with was that we wanted to see more of Japan than its most sprawling and iconic metropolis.