Mirai Fukuin had me grinning like an idiot and crying into my beer

Assuming there are any plans to revisit the Kara no Kyoukai story, I’m still not holding my breath for anything that takes things further than Mirai Fukuin. Kinoko Nasu procrastinates in a way that would make Kevin Shields blush: Mahoyo overshot its projected release date several times, and there isn’t even an ETA on that much-rumoured Tsukihime remake as far as I know.


Hold on to your ice cream pots, kids. It’s one hell of ride

Although it’s the ‘last word’ as far as this particular cast of characters is concerned, much of the movie explores side-stories that were either alluded to in the earlier films or didn’t get mentioned at all. It’s the final third that’s really Ufotable’s parting gift, but the whole thing is fanservice in its purest form. Does that fact bother me? Hell no.