Mushishi, as science fiction for chilled-out people

Mushishi has been, more than anything else I think, the reason why I started blogging. Over the years my admiration for it was reignited by a sadly short-lived UK DVD release, gif sets on Tumblr, a one-off OAV and finally a second season proper. It has been heartening to see that it wasn’t forgotten by the fans, either: I expected few people to remember it, and even fewer to jump on the bandwagon at the second season.

The thing is, Mushishi isn’t the sort of TV show that draws attention to itself: it’s just *there*, doing its thing and letting people drift towards it and fall in love with its storytelling at their own pace and on their own terms. The iyashikei genre has sadly all but disappeared, so the fashion for chilled-out ‘healing’ anime isn’t what it was in the mid 2000s when I started getting into the anime fandom. But anyway. Mushishi is back. Hold onto that thought and cherish it.