Nagi no Asukara: of time and tide

We all have our particular quirks and biases, whether it’s due to personal preference or associations with something else. As far as teen drama goes, I tend to avoid it: the experience is partly down to cringing at the angst and ill-informed decisions – which itself is 50% annoyance and 50% refusal to admit that we were all like that at their age – and partly due to simple lack of interest. I mean, the degree to which I can relate to a story is limited when the cast of characters are half my age with different experiences and views on the world!

Nagi no Asukara is, in my limited experience of such stories, definitely above average though. It takes a while to really come into its own, so I initially had to contend with that nagging doubt that it would drown in a sea of its own angst. Even then I couldn’t fault the presentation and immediately decided that if I didn’t end up enjoying it, I would still recommend it to others on the grounds that it was very good at what it did.