Painting Walls - Paint Roller Tips & Tricks

The paint roller is our best friend when it comes to painting walls. Able to apply paint quickly and uniformly, we owe a lot of gratitude to the friend the paint roller. Available in a multitude of sizes and in a variety of different materials generally if something needs to be painted there is a roller that will do the job. This article will discuss some basic guidelines that I don't learn about very often.


First a brief explanation of the terminology. 'Paint cage' this is the tool that you put the actual roller sleeve on. The tube bit that applies the paint is called a 'sleeve' or 'roller sleeve' etc . Sometimes I've used 'roller' or 'paint roller' to describe the cage and the sleeve together.

Loading your roller properly can be an important step, the amount of paint you'll want on your roller is dependent upon the surface that you are painting and what sort of roller sleeve you have got but generally the motion may be the same. You want to roll the roller down the pan until the just the roller sleeve touches the paint, let it get saturated for a moment before lifting your paint roller up, moving it towards the top of the pan and rolling it back into the paint. Doing this a few times will load up the paint tray as well and super saturate your roller, you generally want your paint roller to be on the verge of over-saturation as this allows a consistent thickness of paint as well as full paint coverage on the wall. It is additionally vital to try not to smother the entire roller in paint, you only want it on the sleeve so try to keep it there.

Once you've got some paint on the roller and on the tray loading your roller, it's exceptionally easy and doesn't demand a lot of time in the pan. A quick dab of paint on the roller from the pan, lift it back to the top, roll it down twice and you're usually ready to keep on painting.

When applying the paint to the wall the very best method is to use long motions going from the top of the wall to the underside of the wall in areas 2 to 4 feet wide depending on how tall your wall is and your roller sleeves paint holding capacity. This spreads the paint consistently and provides the best finish.