Terror in Resonance: the language of terror

I’ve started the task of learning the kanji, which at the time of writing stands at around 480…which isn’t as impressive as it sounds, given how many I have left to learn in total. My fascination with this writing system also encourages me to look up the meanings of stuff like people’s names and the titles of songs, movies and TV shows; not to mention nuances or double-meanings that are lost in translation when converted from kanji too (anyone who’s looked into authors like Nisioisin and Kinoko Nasu will understand this!). It’s quite fun and educational.

The title for Zankyou no Terror for instance uses the kanji characters 残 and 響, the の particle and ‘terror’ written in katakana, which is popularly translated into English as ‘Terror in Resonance’. I’m far from being a kanji expert at this point and I won’t pretend to be able to explain the nuts-and-bolts grammar of the particles yet either, but the ‘resonance’ of the title, which can also be read to mean ‘echo’ or ‘reverberation’ is interesting. And no, I’ve not reached the stage of learning these two particular characters! I had to look them up on Denshi Jisho first, which is by the way an excellent kanji resource.